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The menu by 4 hands: Many hands make light work

Creating a menu by 4 hands is a growing trend in the world of gastronomy, one which has slowly been gaining ground. It involves combining techniques, creating synergies, looking for that common denominator. The result of these developments where two chefs share a stove ends up being more than the sum of its parts, in the sense that 1+1 doesn’t equal 2 but 3. The chef at La Boscana, Joel Castanyé, values highly these meetings. He has, for example, just returned from taking part in a menu of game and truffles at the Cafe Del Gallery restaurant in Barcelona.

This is not the first time that our chef has decided to team up with another master of the stove. A short time ago he was with Carles Gaig, right here at La Boscana, to celebrate the first anniversary of the restaurant Espai Germans Castanyé. It was an event of high gastronomy in all senses, one in which the guests were taken by surprise with menu that was offered. In addition, this was the first edition of Exploradors Gastronòmics and this fact made the Meeting even more special.

Sopar a 4 mans amb Carles Gaig

Sopar a 4 mans amb Carles Gaig

A few months later and at another edition of Exploradors Gastronomic at La Boscana., we enjoyed a visit from chef Jean Louis Neicha. On this occasion it was a French dinner party with 4 hands joined by Champagne Louis Roederer. It is worth noting that there has been a connection before between chef Neichel And Joel Castanyé. Some years ago they shared a stove, a connection which they undoubtedly drew upon while working together once again to extract the maximum flavour from all the dishes they prepared.

Another way we have experienced a fusion of cooking styles has been through the pop-up in the world of gastronomy. One should remember that Joel Castanyé was involved in the presentation and execution of the first 3D menus in Holland and London respectively. Another opportunity to learn new culinary techniques, share ideas and experiences, and definitely to establish a symbiotic relationship between two lovers of good food. To be precise, a few weeks ago our chef was the creator, together with chef Pablo Tomas of the 4 hands menu of game and truffles at Cafe Del Gallery, Barcelona. It was a very rewarding experience, Joel assures us.

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