La Boscana

The fog transforms La Boscana

It is not a secret that the fog of Lleida lowland is a characteristic feature of our land. It transforms our landscape, it changes its aesthetics and its colors, the contrast, the brightness of the sun … It creates a unique atmosphere, something that, for people who live here makes us feel at home. The fog defines us as people from Lleida. At La Boscana we received the visit of this charming fog which decorated our landscape and our space for a few weeks in a so peculiar way that makes us fall in love and places us in an atmosphere of mystery at the same time.

Especially last December was the most nebulous month we remember. In particular, it was the month with less sunshine since 1942. In the city of Lleida, a few kilometers from La Boscana, this meteorological phenomenon was present for 26 days, of which 21 were featured by a consistent fog. Sure, we missed the sunshine but now that we know it is going to leave us we are already beginning to miss it.

The diners who visited us during these foggy days had been able to observe it very closely thanks to the transparent walls of the Gastronomic Restaurant. A perfect combination between the natural space and the high gastronomy allows to enjoy even more the experience at La Boscana, where all the details are cared up to the top.

Thanks to the fog, the mercury of the thermometer has not gone down inordinately and we could enjoy mild temperatures while in the rest of Catalonia the alerts for cold started a whole deployment. We were charged of watching over our plants and our orchard at La Boscana, which is holding the winter in a good way and is ready to welcome the spring. Some days the fog, in this case it causes frost, gave us, especially at first and last hour of the day, the surprise of staining in a white landscape and gives us the feeling that it had snowed.

The natural landscape of La Boscana has the capability to change its landscape in each season offering us an explosion of sensations, colors, smells and sounds, different in each visit. We invite you to get lost in the corners of our garden and discover it by yourself.

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