La Boscana

The details at La Boscana which make the difference

How an evening at the restaurant can reach the perfection? Is it enough to impress with excellent culinary creations or do you need something else? Is decoration important? And the deal with customers? At La Boscana we want our guests not only to enjoy a dish, a menu or a wine in particular, but we go further, up to the enthusiasm of the senses. We want your stay in our space to become an unforgettable experience.

The details make the difference and we are aware of that. It is for this reason that we make every effort to make you feel comfortable, accompanied and attended at all times. From entering the enclosure of La Boscana through a majestic metal door each one may think to be in a fairy tale. Everything is surrounded by nature and the path up to the Gastronomic Restaurant becomes a quiet stroll, where the eyes are busy enjoying the surroundings and watching every detail. The lake, with its ducks, swans and fish; our mare Bosca, all white and solemn; and its more than 70 varieties among trees, shrubs and plants, move the diner away from noise, day-to-day stress and worries.

The Gastronomic Restaurant is our favorite place. The materials used by the architect and family friend, Jordi Font, have achieved a symbiosis between the restaurant and the natural space that still enchants us today. The walls raised in glass allow a permanent contact with the outside and make feel the sensation of eating in the middle of the nature.

We wanted an intimate space in the restaurant room, so there are only 8 tables. Service is a key piece and since always, the quality passes in front of the quantity. In addition, these tables are separated by a captivating construction made in wickers reminding us that we can find beauty in the simplest things.

The opportunity to enjoy an aperitif inside the kitchen, next to our chef Joel Castanyé and his team, is part of this 100% care. A relationship we establish with the guest that goes beyond the relation chef-diner.

We are not perfect at La Boscana, but we work hard every day to reach the perfection.

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