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The art of cooking a perfect egg

Eggs are one of the most common ingredients in a kitchen, not only for the several ways they can be cooked but also as an indispensable element as side dishes and for bakery preparations. Preparing a boiled egg, some scrambled eggs or a fried one could seem easy, but at La Boscana we are never satisfied until we don’t find excellence in all the dishes we offer.

Eggs are a very healthy and nutritious food. It still exists the belief that eating them often is dangerous for our health because they increase cholesterol levels in the blood. The latest scientific research disprove these affirmations and ensure that eggs consumption is highly recommended. Infact, proteins contained in eggs are of high quality. Besides, they supply to our body the necessary aminoacids to live in good health, especially for athletes. It also contains choline, iron and zinc, contributing muscle to recover after exercise, they help to prevent diseases or cardiovascular problems and are antioxidants. If then we talk about eggs produced 100% natural and by free-range chickens like at La Boscana, their qualities and benefits are double.

In some cultures, such as the Anglo-Saxon, eggs are more present than in our diet. Boiled, fried, scrambled, boiled, poché, omelet … And of course, the difference between a soft-boiled egg and a boiled egg is just a few minutes of cooking. Times must be respected if you are looking for the perfect boiled egg, a soft-boiled egg perfect cooked or a fried egg that has not a raw egg whites.

To get a perfect boiled egg, first you have to make sure that its shell is intact. Take a pan and fill it with water, while you add a tablespoon of salt. Before entering the egg, expects the water starts boiling. Once inside, the ideal time is 10 minutes and can be cooled at room temperature or under cold water. Note that in case instead of leaving it 10 minutes you leave it for 15, the shell will catch a brown tone and the yolk will turn in a greenish color. For a boiled egg we follow the same process but instead of leaving it 10 minutes boiling, we leave it only five minutes.

We invite you at La Boscana to taste eggs coming from our henhouse

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