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Some curiosities about chocolate

Who does not like chocolate? There are many types: white, raw, dark, with nuts, with fruit … and also many textures: in cup, as a mousse, in powder, as an ice cream … It has also been and it still remains a symbol of affection, tenderness, love and forgiveness, although at the beginning it played a much more prestigious role. Today we will talk about chocolate and we will give you some curious information that , we are sure, will surprise you.

A bit of history

Nowdays, what is called chocolate is the final product  of processing chocolate cocoas. In the South of Mexico it is notorious that the Olmec civilization consummed chocolate between 1200 and 1400 BC. Later, the Mayans used cocoa beans as currency. But it was not until after the Spanish colonization of the Americas that chocolate enters in Europe through Spain and the rest of the West. First, it was consumed in a liquid form, but in the late XIX century and early XIX, thanks to the introduction and the advance of new  machinery, chocolate started to be sold in a solid state with the production of bonbons and chocolate.

Curious information

– Temperature. Chocolate melts at 34°C, the same temperature of our body. So it melts in mouth.

– The most popular variety. Confirmed that chocolate is a product known worldwide, milk chocolate is the most appreciated.

– The more consumption day. Undoubtedly, February 14, Valentine’s Day, is the day when chocolate is consumed more all over the world.

-Energetic value. It is known that Napoleon always carried in his bag some chocolate in case he could have a lack of strength. It is also believed that the Aztecs related cocoa with the goddess of fertility and that some of their emperors had come to consume 50 cups a day

– The food of happiness. chocolate is an antioxidant and helps fight depression, hypertension  and stress.

-Chocolate dresses. In 2012 Zurich hosted a fashion show where clothes were made of chocolate.

-The world’s largest tablet. It was made in Italy in 2000 and weighed 2.3 tons.


At La Boscana we are chocolate lovers. Have you tried the 10 ways we prepare chocolate? Come and try it.

Joel Castanyé during the Exposition of Torró d’Agramunt presented the chocolate desserts prepared at La Boscana


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