Not only a menu, an experience: 3D menu at La Boscana.

Innovation is the key word. Be different, emphasize, excel. Always offering a different experience, a unique memory that invite the guest to return, recommend the site or have at least a good memory. Or a positive comment on Trip Advisor, who knows! More and more restaurants are looking for that, trying to offer something extraordinary to their customers, whether in the location, in the menu composition, in the decoration, in a special event or in a thousand and one more ways. In this sense, La Boscana has been the perfect setting to host a gastronomic experience in 3D: the first 3D menu made in Spain, created by Food Ink .

After being in Holland and presenting worldwide in London, always with the help of our chef from La Boscana, Joel Castanyé and his cook, Mateu Blanch, Food Ink arrived in Spain and which better location than La Boscana gardens to do it. For 3 days, menus are made with the most advanced technology in 3 dimensions for 10 people, while they can observe the whole process from inside or outside – do not forget that the kitchen at La Boscana is totally transparent, with walls which overlook the gardens and inspire our team every day. Ten guests a day, 30 lucky people who are welcomed in the natural excavated space of La Boscana and a variety of starters already made in 3D. Tables and chairs are also part of the show: plates are imitations of some plates, cutlery made with 3D wood and glasses similar to laboratory test tubes.

Other details have been kept secret to surprise our guests. Details ranging, from virtual reality projections to a totally futuristic setting, in line with the concept of innovation that Food Ink and La Boscana have jointly created. Anyway it’s an event that will give a lot to talk about for the next few days.

To be noticed that La Boscana has already focused its attention in the organization of gastronomic experiences . We invite you to learn more about what we have already done and come to know the unique and exclusive space of La Boscana.


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