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La Boscana receipt: squid sprigs with artichoke, mushrooms and candied onion

At La Boscana we are in love with the products of the land and their proximity. We believe in a kitchen which is able to surprise our senses, not only the sight. As our chef Joel Castanyé has stated in several occasions, the presentation is important, sure, but the flavor is basical, essential. For this reason we value seasonal products, especially vegetables and greens, so that they can keep their taste and nutritional qualities intact when consumed during the seasonality that surrounds them.

In Catalonia the cold has been noticeable for days. This means that it is artichokes time, a fantastic vegetable that besides having numerous advantages for our organism, it is also an ingredient that we can cook in many ways obtaining different textures and flavors.

In this article we propose one of our recipes: squid with artichoke, mushrooms and candied onion. For 4 people you need 600g of squid sticks, 160g of artichokes, 80g of mushrooms (ceps), 40g of white fish broth, 8g of french parsley, 60g of olive oil, 8g of salt and 4g of pepper. In order to prepare the french parsley oil, we use 50g of sunflower oil and 100g of french parsley. And to make the ink sauce, we need 25g of onion, 10g of garlic, 15g of white wine Tomàs Cusiné, 40g of white fish broth and 5g of ink.

First,let’s start with the ink sauce. First we will make a mirepoix with garlic and once it is ready, we will add the onion . When everything is done, we will throw the ink reducing it with the white wine. Finally, we will throw the fish broth.

Then let’s prepare the french parsley oil by grinding all the ingredients mentioned above and then draining it with a fine strainer.

The last step will be dedicated to the tip of squid. First mark them, remove and in the same pan put some fish broth so that it takes flavor. From here we will get a sauce to be reserved. Once completed this phase, place the artichokes in a rooner at 90º for 45 minutes and then marinate. Finally, make the same with mushrooms. We’ve got it all ready and it’s all we have to do, are you ready? At the base of the dish place the onion, on the top the tips of squid and in the middle put the artichokes and the mushrooms.

All that remains is the final touch, the detail that makes the difference: add a little sauce on the top and a french parsley leaf to crown the plate and it’s ready.

Enjoy it!

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