Food Ink London

La Boscana lands in London to elaborate a 3D printed menu

Experience lived in 3D. The chef of La Boscana, Joel Castanyé, and one of his creative chefs, Mateu Blanch, presented together with Food Ink and by Flow, a unique experience for 30 people 100% 3D. It took place in Shoreditch, London, on the 25th, 26th and 27th July, in a pop-up restaurant. The Food Ink’s Facebook page also offered to its audience the possibility of following the event in streaming.

All the people in the Shoreditch Neighborhood had been waiting for that moment. During these three days, La Boscana, Food Ink and by Flow prepared meals for ten guests with the 3D printer, nowadays, one or the most modern prototype in the world.  Furthermore, these privileged people had the opportunity to see Joel Castanyé and Mateu Blanch developing what their meals would be with techniques that seemed to have been taken from a science fiction movie.   As a result, putting together the ability to cook and the most modern technology, they made some 3D snacks, and after, the courses for the ten guests.

The diners did not only taste an incomparable menu.  Also, they had the chance to use the first functional furniture 3D printed in the world. The cutlery, the lights, as well as the chairs, were created with the 3D printing technology.  Everything there was designed to have an unforgettable 100% 3D journey. There were futuristic visual projections on the walls and the music was composed specifically for the occasion.  Therefore, the event became the first futuristic gourmet experience in 3D.

Among the Food Ink perspectives, they want to open pop-up restaurants around the world in cities like Berlin, Dubai, Seoul, Rome, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Sydney or Reykjavik.

However, it is not the first time that Food Ink, La Boscana and by Flow join technology, design and food for a project in common like this.  Last April, they organized a similar event for six people in Venlo, Holland.  After the successful results, they decided to organize this innovative experience in London.

La Boscana hopes we can keep being the hands that put the flavor in those magic 3D creations of Food Ink and by Flow.


La Boscana