La Boscana

La Boscana is preparing for the arrival of spring

It’s time to cultivate the earth, to oxygenate the soil and prepare it for the enormous quantity of seeds we have collected. The day is longer, the temperature starts to rise and the fog we mentioned before, starts to give way to sunnier days as the sun shines a little more each day. Spring is coming and at La Boscana we have everything ready to welcome it with open arms.

Although spring doesn’t officially start until March 20th, the fruit trees have been telling us of the change of season for some days now. The hours of sunshine are becoming longer,  and we can notice how the sun rises a little earlier and sets a little later each day.These extra degrees of increased temperature also mark the end of the period of hibernation. Some animal species begin to show their faces and emerge from their nests. In short, spring is an explosion of life, colours, joy and feelings.

At La Boscana, with a light touch, but especially with a lot of love, we have been looking after our vegetable garden during the cold months of winter. Now, with hoe in hand, it’s time to choose the best seeds and allow Mother Nature to give them her magic touch. Tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins, parsley; there are so many to choose from and we want them all to grow with dedication and tenderness, the same as we treat the ingredients in our kitchen, because at the end of the day, that is where they will end up.

The tree which are planted in our 50,000 square meters of grounds at La Boscana are showing us their first flower buds. The pears, for example will soon be blossoming, and all the others as well. Changes to the landscape which everybody loves, enchanting us with a natural and colourful touch.

La Boscana

La Boscana

Lastly, our domestic animals at La Boscana also notice the seasonal change. For some days now, our beloved mare, whom we have named, “La Bosca”, is more active and bids us good morning each day with greater enthusiasm.  The same with our laying hens and our aquatic community in the pond.

Spring is coming. At La Boscana we are delighted to witness this wonderful spectacle every day. We encourage you to come and share it with us.   

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