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La Boscana, cooking motivated by passion

Can one define the cooking of La Boscana? Are we talking about traditional cooking with touches of the avant-garde, or innovative cooking with classical roots?

We could say it’s a kind of authentic cuisine which cuts across lines,  with the prevailing DNA of the territory and full of subtle nuances which, while they have evolved over time, have still retained their true essence. The origins of the gastronomic experience of Lleida is the  “leitmotif” of the evolution of our dishes.

A cuisine full of history, nuances, flavours, essences, textures, aromas, and tastes; but above all, technique. “If you don’t have the technique,  the dishes will not evolve,” declares Joel Castanyé, head chef of La Boscana. Locally-sourced ingredients, technique and creativity are the three premises needed to compose a gastronomic offering of quality, thanks to the constant research and development of the star dishes of the La Boscana menu.

Ours is a classic cuisine which innovates, but without losing direction. Because we are convinced that the flavours and authentic spaces are those which will stand the test of time. There are dishes that have endured and will continue to endure. Joel Castanyé strongly believes in culinary skill as an added value to his creations,  because the quality of a dish and its preparation is more than just presentation. Gourmets, foodies, sybarites, all gastronomic movements with a sole objective; to experience.

Are we talking of emotional gastronomy ? Maybe. Our primary objective is to excite the palates of the diners who visit us looking for new gastronomic sensations. Can one be moved while tasting a dish? A poem to the cooking of our mothers and grandmothers. A culinary legacy which must be transmitted to future generations,  which evokes authentic quality cooking. Memories linked to a dish, the capacity to feel emotional through the sense of taste. A chemistry which goes beyond the purely rational, transporting you to other places, other times,  with a flavour.

At La Boscana we want to be the guardians of a living gastronomic art. Full of sensations and discovered feelings, bursting with aromas and flavours which have stood the test of time. Recipes with a soul, cooked with the passion of a team dedicated to the success of Catalan cuisine.

Discover a gastronomic universe full of passion, authentic flavours and spine-tingling emotions. Do you dare ?

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