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La Boscana attends Gastronomic Trends in Brussels

Joel Castanyé is one of the 190 chefs with a Michelin star invited to the event.

Almost 200 chefs with a Michelin star from 15 European countries attended Gastronomic Trends in Brussels, the first meeting of reflection organised by Michelin. The chef of La Boscana, Joel Castanyé, was there together with 70 other Spanish chefs. It should be noted that not all Michelin-starred Spanish restaurants were invited. Instead only a selection made by the French group.

The New Michelin Era.” That was how some present named this meeting of the finest chefs in Europe; workshops, conferences, exchange spaces. Gastronomic trends became the space to design the gastronomy of the future, highlighting the trends of tomorrow. In this sense, sustainability, the experience of the consumer, digitalisation and globalisation were established as key points.

One of the members of the Michelin guide, Dorland-Clauzel, explained to the media the two aims of Gastronomic Trends: on the one hand to develop an excellent experience for the customer, which is not exclusively about the food and on the other hand to define a path for new experiences which respond to the customers needs, today and into the future. Dorland-Clauzel was very positive about the meeting and left open the possibility of organising other periodic events like this one in other European cities.

For his part, Joel Castanyé underlined the importance of this kind of meeting which are the perfect setting to share ideas, experiences and gastronomic challenges. That is to say, the vision of an Italian chef will not be the same as an English or a French chef, for example.



Michelin invited 70 Spanish chefs representing 10 restaurants, among which stand out the 2 or 3 star winners, Jordi Roca and Alejandra Rivas, (3 stars for El Cellar de Can Roca) and Paco Roncero (2 stars for La Terrasa del Casino). Of the chefs with one star or honourable mentions, we find, apart from our own chef de La Boscana, Joel Castanyé, names such as, Robert Ruiz (1 star for Punto MX), Silvia Hoffmann (1 star for Hoffmann). Paco Morales (Noor), Vincent Guimera (L’Antic Molí), Fran López (Xerta), Kiko Moya (L’Escaleta) and Raúl Resino (Raúl Resino).

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Communication from La Boscana.