La Boscana

La Boscana: a dream come true

Effort, many sacrifices and hope. These are the values which gave birth to La Boscana project. Founded by Castanyé brothers, they have always been accompanied and adviced by the wisdom and extensive experience of Roser Daniel, their mother. At La Boscana a weekday lunch has the same importance of  a wedding, a communion or a special celebration. All in an environment that, -people who have been here  know what we are talking about- is an oasis of fresh air and nature in the middle of Pla d’Urgell. If you have not yet had the opportunity to visit us, we would like to  invite you to try it.

Joel Castanyé, chef of La Boscana, visited this place for the first time in 2003, when the Resquitx restaurant, also owned by the family, was commissioned to serve up a feast, where La Boscana is situated today. He fell in love with the landscape. At that time, the idea of finding a space where experimenting his cooking, serving feats with a special touch and  showing everything he could do had been tourning around his mind for years. Thus, the first sensations were spectacular and favourable to obtain one single area of 44,000 square meters covered by grass and woods. But he could not buy this location before February 2008. Later, other 9,000 square meters were added thanks to the purchase of the close farm. Later, during the years, La Boscana room (2009), the Llac room (2010), the Taula Cuina (2013) and the gastronomic restaurant Espai Germans Castanyé (2014) were added and inaugurated.

Buy where you were born and take care of the territory.” This is certainly one of those dicta that most characterize Castanyé-Daniel family. Their trade marks are the territory and the quality of the local products, also marked by the nuances of a contemporary and avant-garde Catalan cuisine, as we mentioned in the article From the land to the plate .

The architecture also plays a key role in La Boscana. The inspiration was already more or less defined after visiting the eco-friendly restaurant belonging to Michel Bras. Then, the architect and interior designer Jordi Font was able to reflect that idea in La Boscana. The construction combines wood, iron and glass creating a perfect symbiosis with the surrounding natural environment. The roof is phono-acoustic and phono-absorvent and the use of wicker allows to individualize the restaurant tables.

If you want to enjoy a gastronomic experience in a unique space, come and visit us at La Boscana

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