Joel Castanyé: “I feel lucky to have this family and this team”

A few weeks have been gone. After the fantastic amount of feelings, emotions, hugs and celebrations, it seems that everything begins to return to its place. Only a few weeks ago La Boscana received its first Michelin star and, although we are still assimilating that, all our team is at work to prepare this 2017 with great enthusiasm. A team that, as you know, is led by the chef and co-owner of La Boscana, Joel Castanyé, a person who has shown us to be very hardworking and demanding but at the same time humble and close.

“I feel lucky to have this family and this team .” During the several interviews and appearances in the media, chef Joel Castanyé has clarified the role of his family and his team in reference to the delivery of the first Michelin star to La Boscana. In this sense, he recalls his childhood among stoves, where all his family – including his father, who passed away when he was 21 years old – was dedicated, and continues to do, into the world of gastronomy. “Thanks to the efforts of my family, I was able to train in the best schools“, he says, including his experience as a second cook at El Bulli Catering for 5 years, or at chef Neichel restaurant , whose work in the past at El Bulli made him worthy of his first star. And his brothers, Jordi and Ruben, also immersed in the gastronomic universe and also part of La Boscana, but in this case in the role of customer service and management. “They give me the freedom to buy and cook what I want, they let me enjoy my trade. I do not take care of budgets, nor payments, I’m just in the kitchen. I think it’s a perfect match. “

His team has undoubtedly been a key piece. “When the Michelin star was entrusted to me I felt happier and prouder for my family and team rather than for myself.” And so happy they celebrated…


Very rooted in the territory and in favor of a traditional cuisine, authentic, accurate, with innovative touches but above all careful to the last detail, Joel Castanyé already has in mind new projects for this 2017. We invite you to discover them through our social networks or subscribing to our newsletter here.


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