Costers del Segre

Grape harvest and our wines: the D.O.Costers del Segre

In several wineries works picking grapes to produce wine are underway: the harvest season has already begun. At La Boscana we love good wine, the wine coming from our land, that one with whom we share our leridan origin. We are passionate about combinations and we like enjoying the experience of a perfect symbiosis in the palate. That’s why we decided to buy the Glasses of Riedel. Today we talk about the D.O. Costers del Segre, while we encourage you to visit us. Because these things can not be explained, you have to live them. Do you dare?

The D.O Costers del Segre, from our Lleida land, is the largest in all Catalonia. Its territory is so big that allows to produce wines with different properties. In total, it includes up to 7 sub-zones: Artesa de Segre, Urgell, Garrigues, Pallars, Raimat, Segrià and Valls del Riu Corb. The meeting point is the middle Lock of River Segre, between the Pyrenees and Ebro.Its altitude is between 200 and 1,000 meters, with different types of soils.

It is known that the altitude of the vineyard influences the ripening of grapes and, therefore, a wine from the cellar Castell d’ Encús, located near the 1,000 meters, does not have the same point of maturation that a wine of Garrigues. Temperatures can change, although the climate, interior and dry with little rainfall and high humidity because of fog.

The D.O. Costers del Segre produces 4 types of wines: white, rosé, black and sparkling wine of high quality. White has about a minimum alcoholic strength of 10.5% and a maximum of 14.5%. Pink has from a low alcoholic strength of 10.5% up to a maximum of 13.5%. When black wine is concerned, it presents a minimum grade of 11% and a maximum of 14.5%. Finally, sparkling wine of quality has a minimum alcoholic strength of 10.80% and a maximum of 12.08%.

At La Boscana we will be eager to test the results of this new vintage of the O.D. Costers del Segre and ready to serve them with all the delicacy and professionalism that characterizes us.

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