Classes and curiosities of caviar

The colour is an important aspect to note.


It contains a high level of vitamins A & E, helps in muscular development, blood circulation, increases levels of iron and calcium in the blood and what’s more, it has an incomparable flavour and texture. We are talking about caviar, those black pearls which seduce and captivate our palette, elevating it to a superior category. But what kinds of caviar are available?

Authentic caviar comes from the roe of the sturgeon. Mostly found in the Caspian Sea and Russia and Iran are the biggest producers. Indeed, between them they account for more than 80% of worldwide production of wild caviar today. However, caviar from fish-farms is increasing its sales and the quality of caviar from controlled production is far superior to wild caviar, especially if we remember that the producers of this gastronomic luxury can control ther quality of the water, diet and the general health of their fish.



  1. Beluga Caviar is the most expensive and the most sought-after. The roe are large and the colour varies between black and pale grey. It should be said that it is an endangered species and therefore only 100 sturgeons are caught each year.
  2. Ossetra Caviar. The size of the roe is slightly smaller and the colour is a dark brown to a light grey.
  3. Sevruga Caviar is produced with the smallest roe and the colour varies from a light grey to black. The taste is a little more salty.



There are various denominations of caviar according to the colour. At La Boscana, we offer a cold starter on our menu featuring a sturgeon caviar Imperial 000. This ”000” indicates that it is a light-coloured caviar and therefore of high quality. It should be noted that, contrary to what many people believe, a lighter-coloured caviar is considered to be superior to black caviar. To continue with the denominations, a “00” would indicate that it is a caviar of an intermediate colour while a single “0” would indicate the varieties of the darkest colour.



According to the production method, we can find 4 kinds of caviar:

  1. 1 Malossol is the most-appreciated by experts as it has less than 5% salt.
  2. 2.Caviar semi-conserves have approximately 8% salt content.
  3. Pressed caviar. Although produced from roe which for various reasons are not suitable for sale as whole caviar, experts value its flavour.
  4. Pasteurised caviar. Vacuum-sealed in glass jars to preserve for longer duration.


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