Catalan Sauces

4 Catalan sauces you should know

Imagine a dish of homemade vegetables, freshly picked from the garden and served. Green, tender and tasty beans; onion and potato which melt in the mouth; and a carrot boiled to the point, offering the sought contrast of both flavor and color. Delicious, isn’t it?. Now add a homemade mayonnaise that joins together all these ingredients. Exquisite, right?. A good sauce is the key to accompany and enhance all the flavors of a dish. Do you know which are the typical Catalan sauces? Today we talk about some of them.


  1. Salsa Romesco. It is traditional of Tarragona area and there are different receipts to prepare it. It can be combined with both vegetables and meat even if it is also usual to find it with fish dishes. You have to avoid confusion with calçots sauce whose recipe is very similar.
    Ingredients: virgin olive oil, vinegar, tomatoes, garlic, peppers, hazelnuts, toasted almonds, toasted or fried bread, red pepper, half chili pepper and salt.
  1. Anchovada. It is typical of the town of Collioure in the North of Catalonia . Anchovada is made with tomato, unlike the anchoiada, which does not have and so it is confused. Anchovada is made with minced salted anchovies, garlic, oil, pepper and tomato.
  1. Olivada. Olivada can be done at home, because it is very easy to prepare, or you can buy it already made. The original recipe reccomends to use black olives, although each one can choose the desired variety: arbequina, empeltre, argullol … It is a paste based on these olives crushed with olive oil, salt and some species according to your taste.
  1. Picada. Picada is essentially prepared with almonds, bread and a liquid. Almonds can be replaced with hazelnuts, pine nuts and walnuts. As its role is to give flavor to the dish, the used liquid are usually the cooking juices, although it can also be used broth or hot water. This combination is added to other elaborations which have basical ingredients such as garlic, saffron, parsley or cumin.
    Picada can accompain many dishes, from meat, fish and vegetables up to rice, soups or vegetables.


Do you know these catalan sauces? We encourage you testing all them and tell us if you know others. Do you think we have forgotten any?


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