In honour of our mothers: Lo nostre caneló (our cannelloni)

Christmas is already here. Pots are ready to prepare the traditional broth of our Catalan lands for December 25th; and pasta for cannelloni is ready to wrap the meat for Saint Stephen day, December 26th, a festive day in Catalonia. Cannelloni are a special dish. They remind us that we are celebrating, that we are all together, with those we love the most. At La Boscana it is one of our star dishes and, to honor chef Joel Castanyé and his brothers’ mother, we call them the Nostre caneló de la mama Roser (Cannelloni of Roser mother).

Here are the necessary ingredients to prepare this recipe for 4 people:

  • 4,2 kg pieces of beef
  • 5,4 kg of chicken
  • 4,25 kg of pork meat
  • 0,45 kg chicken liver
  • 1,5 kg of pork belly
  • 2,5 kg onions cut into pieces
  • 0,35 kg of flour
  • 0,3 kg of stale wine
  • 3,2 kg chicken broth
  • 3,6 kg of bechamel
  • 3 kg of milk
  • aromatics herbs

Let’s start putting the oven to heat to 210º while we prepare the beef, the chicken, the pork and the pork belly meat. Salt them separately and brown with olive oil when the oven is hot. Once seasoned, we will introduce them maintaining a high temperature.

When meat begins to take the golden color we desire, remove them and then lower the temperature until 140º for about 30 or 40 minutes. During this time we will also stir the meat.

While meat is cooking, we will take another pot where we will put some olive oil. Once it is hot, we will add onion, garlic and a sprig of aromatic herbs until they get a golden color we were talking about. Once achieved this result we will put the meat, whose fat we have removed previously, and let it cook slowly at about 100° to make it juicy.

On the other hand, we will use a container to put the breadcrumbs to soak with about 3 liters of milk.

We almost have the meat ready and drowned with onion and garlic. Now it’s time to flirt it with brandy, add the stale wine and let it cook for one hour. Meanwhile, we can fry the liver, which we will add later. To finish, we will use the bread soak with milk to give texture to the meat, that later we will pass through the mixer to obtain the desired texture.

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